Cultural, Political, Legal and Economic Differences

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make a 5 slides powerpoint presentation (not including title and references slides), using the instructions below!

use examples and anecdotes, as required!

the comparison is between the US and Qatar

The success and failure of a firm around the globe are, to a large extent, determined by its ability to understand and take advantage of the cultural, political, legal, and economic differences between countries. For the purposes of this assignment, assume you are an employee of a U.S. firm that is considering doing business in the country assigned to you below which is Qatar. Research the cultural, political, legal and economic differences between your assigned country and the United States.What are the most significant differences (or risks, in the sense that if you do not consider them they could be detriments to your success) that your firm should be aware of when conducting business in this country?Come to class prepared to lead a 3-5 minute presentation that articulates your evaluation of the key cultural, political, legal and economic differences. You can use examples or anecdotes, if you find them to be helpful in supporting your case.

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