Cultural Experience Report

Cultural Experience Report Catedral de Barcelona / Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain) Instructions
Your assignment is to report on "cultural experience" visits Catedral de Barcelona / Sagrada Familia
(Barcelona, Spain) write a 500-800 word report about the visit and what you learned.
Write a report after each cultural experience (Cultural Experience Report – Catedral de Barcelona /
Sagrada Familia
Each report should include the following information. Include photos or links that help convey the
information. As always, be sure to document all sources you consult in preparing your work.
Name and location of the museum, site, or performance event. If there is on-line information about the
site or performance, include a link.
Type of museum, site or event. For example, is it a portrait museum, a poetry slam, an outdoor
Shakespeare festival performance? If you attended a performance, name the performer or the piece. Be
specific about what you attended, when, and where.
Briefly describe the general setting.
Describe at least one aspect of the experience that you found especially interesting. For example, you
might write about a particular work of art, cultural artifact, song, dance section, scene in a play,
costumes or lighting, a particular actor or vocalist, etc. Explain what impressed you, and why. Your
reaction can be positive or negative, as long as you offer an explanation.
Identify and use at least two things you’ve learned in class in your essay. For example, if you visit a
museum, you might point out the architectural style, discuss an artist you’ve learned about in the
course, or tie your experience to a class discussion.
Reflect on the relevance–if any–of your experience to your everyday life. How did the experience
engage your feelings or emotions, if at all? What does this tell you about human culture, or about
yourself? (this part is very important)

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