​Cultural Experience essay

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Cultural Experience Paper

This paper assignment asks students to observe or participate in a cultural event either on campus. Examples include: Attend a sporting event (admission is free for students), go to an Art show/gallery, go to a museum, go to the zoo/aquarium, attend any of the regularly scheduled speakers, lectures or events held on campus, attend a musical concert, eat at a restaurant, attend a religious service, etc.

After attending your event, you will document your experience in a 2-3 page paper that summarizes your experience and relates it to our class material.

  1. Your paper must include a descriptive summary: tell me what you saw, what sounds you heard, what smells you smelled, what did you taste and feel? Be specific and get creative, paint me a picture with words!
  2. Make a connection. Does your experience relate to anything we’ve discussed in class? How? Why do you think that? How did your experience relate to our current American culture? American culture has changed a lot since 2000, how did your experience relate to American culture in 2017?
  3. Conclusion. Why did you choose this experience? Why is it important to share this experience? What, if any, lessons can you take from it?

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