​Crown virus outbreak

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Crown virus outbreak, spread and casualties in city Mintaqa-5 of Dawla Mihwar, brought all the empires of the world to cooperatively work towards eradicating the virus. An organization named International Pandemic & Epidemic Corporation (IPEC) was formed to control and eradicate the virus. IPEC hired scientists and practitioners from all the disciplines, including Operations Research (OR). From the biochemistry research group at IPEC, it has been confirmed that the virus cannot live more than 12 days inside any human being, and it cannot stay alive for more than 4 days on any animal or non-living object. Thus, the current aim of IPEC is to Detect the virus, Dispense the supplies, and Delay the spread; in short, the 3D aims. The 3D aims ensure that the virus will not spread to new individuals, and will eventually die out. In parallel to the 3D aims, IPEC is also working towards identifying possible cure for the crown virus. Your team is part of OR group, hired by the IPEC to design a successful implementation of the 3D aims Relevant data and details are provided in the following pages of this document. Since the organization is unaware of the methodologies that you will be using to design the plan, you are allowed to make reasonable assumptions for the missing data/information. State clearly all the assumptions, use standard or references as much as possible. Your goal is to provide the organization with the best possible solution.

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