Critically analyze a media campaign

proposal topic (can be modify or change)

  1. Critically analyze a media campaign and/or communications strategy of one or more organizations involved in an environmental issue such as a government (e.g. the BC provincial government on LNG or the Alberta government on oil sands), a corporation (e.g. Cenovus), an industry association (e.g. BC Salmon Farmer’s Association), an environmental NGO (e.g. Dogwood Initiative), an Indigenous organization (e.g. the Unist’ot’en camp), a scientific body (e.g. The International Panel on Climate Change), a government agency (e.g. the City of Vancouver), a think-tank (e.g. The Fraser Institute, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), a political party (e.g. The Green Party), etc. The goals of such communication may range from behavioural change to lobbying key decision-makers to education to shifting public opinion. Consider reviewing primary material from the campaign, as well as relevant media coverage.

First of all, please state clearly statement of what issues are going to be studied and analyzed. A clear topic of the proposal. What is the research direction and how are we going to explore and analysis topics? For example, analyze the role of media between agency and pubic, and how does media affect public opinion about topic related with environmental crisis

It should describe the proposed topic area, primary research questions and a brief explanation of how your research will allow you to answer those questions.

to ensure that the cultural and/or communicative aspects of environmental phenomena (rather than those issues themselves) are the central focus of your research and your paper. As a general rule, Gail: At least 2/3 of your paper must directly address those Gail aspects. The Writing a paper about an environmental topic which simply has a couple of pages about communication added on at the end Will not be acceptable.

Analysis of how media plays a role in changing public opinion, government, organization or how company corporate with media to change and educate public

There is no need to talk very specifically about IPCC’s research, just give a background. The focus is how these studies were conducted by the media or how the media influenced them or how they changed public opinion or behavior through the media.

Overall, please emphasis how communication plays a role in environmental crisis related problems and relationship with agencies.

The attachment is requirement of the proposal and proposal need revised.

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