critical reflection

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  • his course name is (critical race theoty).
  • -I need a reflection which should be in two pages.
  • -This is the topic of the reflection.Critiques of (critical race theoty).
  • -use ( I ) pronoun in the reflection. For example, I agree. I see, I wondering, I question,……i asked, ….
  • -also I want to use many quotations “ “ in the reflection to proof the thinking.
  • please use qoutations- do not forget to mention page number of the quotations.
  • book name is( Delgado, R. and Stefancic, J. (2017, 3rd edition). Critical Race Theory: An introduction. New York: New York University Press)>
  • Each reflection should how that reading connects to your life and experience today.
  • i can not make it a pdf copy. in that i attached it as i pictures.
  • it a
  • it is around 19 pages.i will download all of them

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