Crit. Think’g and Prob. Solv’g ( Major ASSIGNMENT 2 – Crime And Punishment Case )

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  • 7 QUESTIONS TO ANSWER.10 marks
  • Copy all your answers to a WORD file and upload to the Blackboard. Make sure you have filled in the GROUP names on Blackboard.

Make a cover page with RUBRIC and add to the WORD file

1a. What is your brain tendency?(brain side or balanced).

1b.Write and explain the problem as simply and briefly as you can. (50 words max)

2. What did Doris Drug Dealer say about what happened, what she did, and the law case from Doris’s side? (50 words max)

3.What does her husband think about Doris?(50 words max)

4.What do the children think about their mother?(50 words max)

5.What do the neighbors think about Doris?(50 words max)

6.What do YOU think about the legal points?What is the effect on society and people living there? (50 words max)

7.What do you think should be done with Doris now? Give a reason or reasons (grounds).

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