Crisis Communications Plan

The Crisis Communications Plan can be written on behalf of the company/organization of your choosing. If you work for a police department or school system, write plans for those government bodies. Likewise, if you volunteer for a non-profit or work for an industry or retail company, draft a plan for those entities. The idea is that you “make and take” this plan with you for practical use in your professional career or personal enhancement activities. You may write both the crisis communications plan and community relations plan for the same organization or company.

Use the crisis communications text as a guide on what to include in a crisis communications plan. Also, “google” crisis communications plan and you’ll find dozens of examples. Your plan should include an introduction (briefly reviewing the topic and organizational plan for the report), main body, and final reflections noting insights/new perspectives/ “ahas,” possible difficulties, and conclusions you gained from the process. Note the different sections of the report with appropriate headings and subheadings (which function as a logical organizing outline, and hierarchy of heading importance). The report should be 10 pages, double-spaced, 12-pt. font. Include at least five new references (in addition to the course textbooks). If you use quotes, use them sparingly and, of course, reference each quote. Use APA style in your narrative sections and on your Works Cited page. This is a professional plan, so avoid use of first-person words such as: I, me, we, our, you, etc. Don’t include words such as “we hope to,” but rather: “it is expected that…” or “anticipated response should…” This is not an essay (except for the final reflections part) so bullet/summary points are acceptable. You may include infographics (charts, lists, etc.) but they may not be used only as page fillers to reach your page-count total.

A separate title page (with specific title for your plan) and Works Cited page will also be included with the report (these pages will be in addition to the 10-page requirement).

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