crisis care

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JE, a 62 years old man brought in hospital by medics for complaints of weakness at jail, he also presents with chief complaints of dizziness headache, report period of chest pain identical to prior MI (is an area of tissue that dies (necrosis) from inadequate oxygenation. An MI, or heart attack, occurs when there is prolonged total occlusion of coronary arterial blood flow. The larger the necrotic area is, the more serious the damage. ) lasting a few minutes and accompanied with SOB, nausea, dyspnea and diaphoresis. Based on the ED report, JE AxOx3, can speak full sentences, GCS 15, his Vital signs are BP: 120/80, P:59, Temp: 36 O2 99%, RR 16. His diagnosis is chest pain, acute stress, hypertension. He was referred for cardiac catheterization.

Patient interview: He stated this is not the first time to hospitalize, he is sleepy, but open minded to interview. When i asked how do u feel to be in hospital , he said i feel great, just so hot and tried. After answer this question, he fall a sleep.

Essay requirement: Focus of mental health problem, follow the Rubric which i provide, include: Part A. Statement of the crisis, B. Behavior and C. Defense and coping mechanism, for defense and coping mechanism, must be include 2 Defense and 2 coping mechanism.

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