Criminal Investigation

Ashworth College Assignment 04, J10 Criminal Investigation. I have the four (4) main sections covered for the most part. I am having the hardest time with the intro and conclusion. The following is the situation to be cover and the four (4) chapters it includes. Chapter One (1) ; Criminal Investigation: Then and Now. Chapter Two (2) Investigators, Investigations, and the law. Chapter Three (3) The Process of Investigating Crime; and Chapter Four (4) Indentifying, Collecting, and and Preserving Physical Evidence. This assignment is comprised of the four different parts that will show your learning of the various course objectives.


“You are a detective called to the scene of a homicide in an apt. building. The deceased is a young male has been stabbed numerous times. The roommate of the deceased man is present in the room, his shirt is covered with blood, and there is a knife on the floor. Uniformed officers are guarding the doors and the roommate. There are four (4) important actions you must take; discuss each of these fully including how the actions should be taken. their importance, and the consequences of not taking the actions.


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