Crime and Loss Prevention Paper

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The Mall of America is recognized as the world’s largest mall and is visited by millions yearly. The Mall of America services as a great example in terms of deploying the best measures in providing safety and security for all employees and visitors. After reviewing the video,

please answer the following questions.

1. Identify all the security measures used by the Mall of America.

2. Of all the security measures, which is the most effective in addressing the Theft Triangle as described in the readings?

3. How can these security measures affect the behaviors of those would-be criminals?

4. Are there any suggestions you may have, which could increase the effectiveness of the mall’s security protocols?

Please prepare an APA formatted paper of a minimum of 750 words, excluding the title page and references. Be sure to substantiate your assessment and conclusions for these questions with at least two scholarly or professional journal articles written during the last five years in addition to appropriate course materials.

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