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To create original literature that conveys American ideals and reflect upon the work.


the course of the semester, you will have the chance to try your had at
a bit of creative writing in the form of a short story outline and a
few different types of poetry. For the final project, you will revise
and expand the short projects to create a presentable work.

-Finished Product:

Students will submit together in the final project the various creative
writing activities from the semester (story outline, a tanka poem, a
diamante, a rhymed poem, a free verse poem, a shaped poem, and any other
poems desired). There should be a minimum of 6 items in the project.
The story outline was completed as Quiz 3. The poems were written as a
draft in class.

– The finished product will have a cover page and
the items neatly ordered inside the document. It will contain only the
student’s original works.

– Part 1: A refined piece. For the first
part, the student will use the story outline to complete his or her
piece of short fiction or revise two of the draft poems to polish them
as finished works.

– Part 2: The unrefined pieces are added in
this section. This section must contain all of the created items that
were not refined and improved.

– Part 3: Reflection: This section
reflects on literary creation and answers at least the following two
questions. First, what were you thinking of feeling as you created these
works? Secondly, why did you choose to refine the specific works used
in part 1? This section should be a minimum of one page double spaced

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