Create project artifacts to effectively manage project execution.

Project Quality Management Plan

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Establish project quality assurance.
  • Establish project quality control.

Course Outcome:

IT401-4: Create project artifacts to effectively manage project execution.


In Unit 6 there is one individual assignment. The first assignment is to create a project quality management plan for the Garage Apartment Project.

Assignment Instructions

Review the Garage Apartment Project case. The Garage Apartment Project covers building a two-car garage with an apartment/office on the second floor on your existing lot in accordance with applicable building codes. Prepare the following for the Garage Apartment Project:

• Quality Management Plan

You will create a Quality Management plan that identifies quality standards for the Garage Apartment case. Using the WBS created in the prior assignment, identify all the deliverables and create quality assurance and quality control processes to ensure the Garage Apartment will be constructed with quality. The quality processes and measurements should focus on project quality as well as product (Garage Apartment) quality. The quality processes only need to be completed at the work package and not the activity level. Use the Project Management Quality Management plan template to complete the assignment. The sections of the template align with the requirements of the assignment. Please remove all examples from the provided template – they are to be used to understand what the end plan should look like.

Assignment Requirements

Quality Management Plan:

• Quality Management Approach

• Quality Management Standards and Requirements

• Define the Quality Assurance and Control Processes

• Establish the Quality Control Measurements

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