CRAPP test and 2 question about readers,

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After reading Crane’s “The Blue Hotel” and London’s “To Build a Fire,” find a website that offers an analysis or interpretation of one of the stories. If at all possible, try to avoid sites like,, and

Evaluate the website using the CRAAP Test. You might want to use this CRAAP Test Worksheet to help you.

Post the link into your thread and include a Works Cited citation as well. You can find out how to cite a web source here. Then evaluate the source in a short paragraph (approx. 100 words). Consider the following questions.

Who is the audience for this source? Is it a popular source? Is the source credible? Would you use it in a college-level research paper? Why or why not?

Once you’ve posted your evaluation, respond to a peer’s post. Visit the link they’ve provided and write a brief response about whether or not you agree with his or her assessment of the source. Make sure you tell your peer why or why you don’t agree. Your response should be at least two complete sentences.

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