Consider identifying other areas of potential Pattern Conflict that they may not have considered.

Consider identifying other areas of potential Pattern Conflict that they may not have considered. Provide additional advice on how they could improve or maximize their relationships with the person they have identified. Each response should be a minimum of 50 words.

The person I chose to hypothesize about their learning patterns is my beautiful wife, Natosha. Natosha is a phlebotomist for Grifols and the best mom in the world. She is a truly a go with the flow type of person. She likes to write notes as reminders, but is not very fond of deadlines. She performs her best work under pressure usually pressure she placed on herself by procrastinating a little bit.


Sequence- Avoid

Precision- Use First

Technical Reasoning- Avoid/ Use as Needed

Confluence- Use First

My belief is that Natosha is a Dynamic learner, she performs best with thorough explanations of a task. She also is relentless at finding out information when she wants to know something or figure things out. I still remember when we found out our son was diagnosed with autism, the next morning she had tons of information readily available and a thousand questions ready to be asked at his follow up appointment.

b.  What evidence do you have to support your hypothesis?  Provide specific examples of how the person you identified uses their Learning Patterns.

Confluence is Used First for Natosha. She is very organized but does not like to be bogged down with a lot of deadlines. She always thinks outside the box and look for smarter and intuitive ways to complete things. Organization is not her strongest trait in the sense of everything being in a certain particular place. It may seem as she is not organized but she knows where everything is at in her space. As a phlebotomist she is very successful because she does things in order. Natosha does not believe in move to step three until step 1 and 2 are complete.

Precision is a Use First for Natosha as well. Although she like the expectations clearly explained and will ask a million questions until she understands. Natosha thirst for knowledge is a gift and a curse. An example that I can recall a time when we were putting pictures up in the house and me being a use first sequence person I had all the leveling tools and taking 15 to 20 minutes to place them perfectly and Mrs. Burley is upstairs done with all the pictures with just eyeball measurements.


Technical reasoning is definitely an avoid or use as needed with Natosha. She is not really a gadget geek like myself. She leaves all those little things to me. I do believe she has some traits of this process due to not being able to articulate her feelings or thoughts.


Sequence is an avoid pattern or use as needed for Natosha. Since going with the flow is a strong trait for her. She does not have to go in order or have it broken down step by step, she is a forward and outside the box thinker.


Part Two:

A.  How do their hypothetical Learning Patterns compare to yours?  List your LCI scores to remind us of your own Learning Patterns.

My learning pattern scores are

Sequence: 33

Precision: 33

Technical Reasoning: 23

Confluence: 25

I predict Tina’s score would indicate;

Sequence 19

Precision 30

Technical Reasoning 22

Confluence 35

b.  Which Learning Patterns) help you connect and work positively with the person you described?  Conversely, which Pattern(s) have contributed to or have the potential to lead to Pattern Conflict?  Provide specific examples of how each Learning Pattern played a role in your interactions.


As my partner in life I consistently I believe that the pattern that I most feel in love with is her Confluence. As a stick to the script and black and white type of person I love her fly by night spirit. Its cool sometimes to just go out with no plan and have fun by just letting go. The pattern that conflicts the most in our relationship is her Technical Reasoning being that I’m always left to figure out the electronics in the house and she constantly ask me to show her things I have showed her 100 times over.

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