Conflict Map- U03d1

Complete the map by filling in information from the conflict you are analyzing. When the chart and all other information is complete, post the Map to the discussion board a

Note: You should be able to type in the boxes where TEXT is indicated.


Define/Describe the conflict:

Person A: Person B:

Impact of the conflict on the relationship between Person A and Person B:

Impact of the conflict to others peripheral to the conflict:

Use the Conflict Map from the Resources to analyze a conflict you are involved in currently or were involved with in the past. If possible, try to choose a conflict you experienced in the workplace.

In the table, you will:

  1. Identify the position of the parties.
  2. Identify the interests, beliefs, and feelings of the parties.
  3. Identify the visions of the parties.

You will also explain the impact of the conflict on the relationship.

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