Conduct a search

Once you have selected your time period and region, you will need to choose ONE work of art created during that era. Although it will be important to understand all of the forms of art produced during that time, you will only analyze one piece for this assignment.


Conduct a search for something that is appealing and interesting to you, as this will be the focus of your research paper for the remainder of the semester. Works produced in earlier times, particularly prior to the Renaissance will probably not be associated with an artist; however, works produced during the Renaissance and later will be associated with an artist.. Be sure to document as much information as possible about your piece (date and location created, artist name, culture, museum location, etc.) to make your research unproblematic. Your teacher can assist with suggestions or provide guidance for your selection.



Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment. Document your sources and use the research paper rubric for reference.

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