Concept map

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 Create a concept map using information from this case study


Now that you have assessed your client, it is time to determine the priority problems. As you complete the Diagnosis/Analyze Cues section of the template, prioritize the nursing diagnoses/cues in the correct order. The purpose is to familiarize yourself with the process by analyzing your assessment cues.

As a reminder, an overview of the Nursing Process Project and the project resources can be found in Module 3: Nursing Process Project: Overview.


The second part of the Nursing Process Project requires you to complete the diagnosis/Analyze Cues section on the Nursing Process Project Download Nursing Process Project template. Follow these steps to complete this part of the project.

Step 1: Complete the Diagnosis section of the Nursing Process Project Download Nursing Process Project template Download template.

Step 2: Include a minimum of three priority problems along with signs and symptoms that are related to the client problem.

Step 3: Submit your Nursing Process Project completed through the Diagnosis/Analyze Cues section.


Sunday, by 11:59 p.m.

Submission and Assessment Guidelines

This assignment will receive a completion grade. It is expected that all questions are given complete answers. If the assignment is not complete, then your instructor will deduct points from this assignment per their discretion.

Submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. For help on how to submit your assignment, see How Do I Upload a File as an Assignment Submission in Canvas? Links to an external site.

This activity is worth 10 points toward your final grade.

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