Concept Analysis

Concept Analysis Rubric I. Introduction (10 points)
A. Includes the aims & purposes of the analysis
B. Justifies concept’s significance to nursing
II. Definition of Concept (20 points)
A. Describes derivation of definition from common usage, &
nursing use
B. Describes & cites a variety of appropriate authoritative
sources from the literature regarding nature of concept
C. Definition of concept reflects synthesis &
evaluation of definitions from appropriate sources
III. List of defining characteristics (25 points)
A. Each attribute is stated as succinctly as possible
B. Each attribute is logically an essential element of the
concept as defined
C. Each attribute is stated in as measurable a form as the
the concept allows
D. The listed attributes comprise all essential attributes of the
concept as defined
F. the antecedents and consequences of the concept are clearly stated (0-3)_______
(0-7)_______ (0-6)_______
(0-5) ______ IV. The Model Case (20 points)
A. Is a logical example of the concept
B. Includes all listed attributes of the concept
C. Includes no attributes of other concepts
D. Is concisely stated (0-5)_______
(0-5)_______ V. Reference List (10 points)
A. Contains a variety of resources in APA format
B. Resources are authoritative, classic; resources are evident
C. Nursing resources are explored
D. Resources are sufficient in number to justify analysis (0-2)_______
(0-2)_______ VI. Presentation (15 points)
A. Present within the allotted 30 minutes
B. Use PowerPoint or other presentation software to full effect (0-5)_______
(0-5)_______ C. Professional verbal presentation, attire, and demeanor (0-5)_______

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