COMS 450 California State University Excellent Interaction with Your Employer Essay

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it asks about the college i go to, I go to California State University, Northridge and I work at a tanning salon.


COMS 450 Dr. Melissa Tindage Online Activities #7 Chapters 8 Fall 2020 This online activity focuses on information found in Chapters 7 and 8 of your readings. All parts of the assignment must be completed in order to receive credit. You will be graded not only on whether or not you completed all parts, but on the quality of your answers. Once you finish this activity, you must upload to Canvas by Saturday, November 7th @ 11:59 p.m. Converting Open Questions into Closed Questions Instructions: Many survey questions written in an open format can be turned into closed questions. The advantage of doing so is that respondents provide more comparable answers. You will convert the following open questions into closed questions. Some open questions will require two closed questions—the first to determine if the characteristic or attitude exists, and the second to determine the quality of the characteristic or attitude. You should provide response sets (i.e., nominal, Likert-type, semantic differential) for the questions that are converted to the closed format. It may be ineffective to change some questions into a closed format. In such cases, you should explain why the open format is preferred. 1. How would you describe the type of university you attend? 2. How satisfying is your interaction with your employer? 3. When did you decide to attend college?

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