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Compose a 1250 words assignment on psychology issues. Needs to be plagiarism free! First, this phenomenon was distinguished and studied by North American scientists and denoted a person’s tendency to attribute the behaviour and actions of other people to some internal reasons like personal traits (Moskovitz). When evaluating other’s people typically underestimate the impact of the outer factors and overestimate a person’s behaviour, abilities and features (Harris). In our case, that means that Latisha attributes the behaviour of Germans during the war to inner factors of influence. At the same time, the person makes an exception while evaluating his or her own behaviour justifying it with external circumstances.

In general, the tendency for correspondence bias varies depending on the type of culture. Whereas people belonging to collectivist cultures are less prone to overattribute, the members of individualist cultures tend to experience this phenomenon rather often (Bernstein). It is reasonable to suppose that Latisha is the member of such culture (especially judging by her name of American origin), and we can conclude that it may be rather typical for her to judge in this way.

At the same time, Latisha leaves other probable reasons for Germans’ behaviour out of the account. To my thinking, it is rather possible that the Germans complied with the commands of Hitler as they were intimidated or blinded by the strong propaganda (which is more likely as Germany implemented efficient propaganda campaign with even the Catholic church of Germany supporting Hitler).

2. The statements cited in the task refer directly to the issue of human needs. Numerous theories have been built up over years that were aimed at systematization and analysis of human needs. There are two opposite statements given in the task: according to one of them, physiological needs stand in the foreground of human life. another implies that spiritual or non-material needs are of primary meaning. In terms of psychology, these ideas may be framed into the hierarchy of needs. The most famous hierarchy of needs was introduced by Abraham Maslow and became the best-known need theory (Griffin).

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