complete outline, paper,and references altogether 6 pages required the topic is race and racism

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part 1. turn in a 1-3 page outline for your final paper. Please include citations where needed. This outline is to help you organize your research information and your thoughts before writing your final assignment.

part 2. In 3-4 (5 if you truly feel the need) pages discuss the issues surrounding the topic that you selected and was approved. Your discussion should fully explore and describe the existing policies and the choices available to the government and/or individuals concerning the issue. Your final paragraph or conclusion should include your informed analysis of the issue(s).Your essay will be written in APA style using Times New Roman 12 font and double spaced. The essay should be written in Microsoft Word. (other formats may not be accepted by the assignment tool) You should have 5-8 credible sources. You cannot under any circumstance use Wikipedia or other sources of the same caliber. If Wikipedia or like sources are cited you will receive a 0 for the assignment. Remember, your 3-4 pages only includes actual text. It does not include the title page, abstract page or the reference page.

part 3. For this assignment you will turn in a properly cited reference page (APA) with at least 5 credible sources. Under each properly cited source, briefly explain how you plan on using the source in your final paper. Credible sources for academic research come from books or peer reviewed journal articles. Sources such as newspapers, web pages and textbooks are rarely good sources, do not use them. You cannot use the textbook as a source. The Vernon College library has an online data base (Academic Search Premier) that can provide you with all of the credible sources that you should need.

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