Complete Enligh Comp Discussion Post

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Write (due Thursday, Day 3): Utilize your
outline to make a list of every claim and all supporting evidence for your
argument thus far, keeping an eye on the appeal to logos. Each claim should be
written by you in your own words and should introduce a part of your unique
argument. Paraphrase or summarize your supporting
evidence and include a proper APA-style in-text citation. You may include multiple pieces
of evidence for each claim.

List your thesis
statement, claims, and evidence in the following format:

  • Thesis statement: Write your single-sentence thesis
    statement here.
  • Claim: Write your first claim in a complete sentence

    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize your source and cite
      it here (Sample, 2015).
    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize additional sources
      that support this claim and cite them here as 2., 3., 4., and so on
      (Sample, 2015).
    • Evidence: If you feel the need to use a quote, “add it
      to the list with proper quotation marks and the appropriate in-text
      citation containing the page, section, or paragraph number in the original
      source” (Sample, 2015, p. 22).
  • Claim: Write your second claim in a complete sentence

    • Evidence: Paraphrase or summarize your source here
      (Sample, 2015).
    • Evidence: Continue to paraphrase and summarize your
      sources for each claim (Sample, 2015).
  • Claim: Continue to write your claims in complete

    • Evidence
    • Evidence
  • In 200 to 300 words, compare your claims and evidence
    to the common fallacies described in “An Introduction to Logic and

    • Describe any fallacies you locate and describe how you
      will remove those fallacies this week.
    • Describe how your claims logically support your thesis
      statement as well-supported premises.
  • Be sure to use the correct vocabulary when discussing
    fallacy: Slippery slope, hasty generalization, post hoc ergo propter hoc,
    either/or, ad hominem, etc.
  • End your post with any questions or concerns you have
    regarding the appeal to logos, the use of supporting evidence, the role of
    claims in an argument, or fallacies.

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