Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: How Humanitarian Intervention Has Become an International Norm.

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Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: How Humanitarian Intervention Has Become an International Norm. Humanitarian intervention has been defined in different ways by various authors, but all have a common argument in their definitions. According to Roberts (1993), humanitarian intervention refers to the military intervention of one state on another without the state’s permission with the aim of preventing the killings of citizens. On the other hand, Knudsen (1996), defines humanitarian intervention as a coercive intrusion of a state into another state motivated by humanitarian concerns. Finally, Finnemore (2008) describes humanitarian intervention as intruding into another country`s internal affairs with the purpose of giving civilians protection. From the definitions, it is evident the three authors had a common perspective on humanitarian intervention, which leads to a general and succinct definition of human intervention as the use of military power to end the violation of human rights of the civilians in a particular state without its approval (Kardas, 2001).

Many states around the globe have embraced humanitarian intervention. They have been on the far front line to offer humanitarian intervention to countries across the globe facing the threats of civil wars: from America, Africa to Asia. Thus, this means humanitarian intervention is an international norm that every state is embracing globally. Whenever a situation that needs humanitarian intervention arises, many states offer to intervene, signifying it has become the standard of behavior globally. Every state expects to be viewed positively as powerful, and thus has to participate in a humanitarian intervention to some extent.&nbsp.

Various interventions that have happened globally indicate why humanitarian intervention is becoming an international norm. Many states are participating whenever situations of war crimes occur in other countries. Countries such as India, the United States, Britain, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, and Russia have intervened, in various civil wars, to offer humanitarian intervention. For instance, from 1964 to 2014, there have been a number of humanitarian interventions involving various states around the globe.

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