Compiling Research

Choose a career that uses rational functions. You may research and find one that interests you or you can choose one of the following:

  • Photography
  • Economics
  • Medicine
  • Music

If you choose one of the options not on this list, please send your topic to your teacher for approval.


Part 2: Compiling Research

Begin compiling research on your chosen topic. You will need background information on your career and how rational functions are used in this field. Make sure to properly track your sources as you come across relevant material.


Part 3: Complete Your Report

Your report should include:

  1. Title Page
  2. Abstract
  • Your abstract should include an overview on everything you are going to cover in your report


  • The introduction should include all the background information on your chosen career, such as what type of education you need to obtain this job? What duties are performed on a daily basis? What is the average salary? How is math and specifically, rational functions used in this profession?


  • Either using a rational function found in your research or modelling your own scenario with one, explain the function and why it is relevant in your chosen career.
  • Calculatex-intercepts,y-intercepts, asymptotes, holes, maximum and minimum values, defining intervals, domain and range. Interpret your results in the context the field. If there are no asymptotes or holes, then explain a situation where each of these could occur and provide a sample function.
  • Using this information, graph the function by hand. Your graph must include appropriate labels.
  • Graph your function using technology. If this graph is different than the one you have produced, graph it on your sketch using a different colour and a legend to show the difference between your sketch and the graph that technology produced.
  • Using the graph, what do the maximum and minimum values represent?


  • The conclusion should be a short paragraph summarizing your results.

Sources Cited

  • Make sure to use theAPA format to cite your sources used for this assignment.

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