Communications-Verbal and Nonverbal,

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This assignment will make you laugh if you are having a rough morning! 🙂 Watch these clips on YouTube from the Ellen show. Notice how a simple change in words, or language creates some very interesting quandaries. Please watch the videos and answer the following questions:

  1. As we strive for more and more technology, what makes these clips funny?
  2. What element in language makes the communication ineffective?
  3. What elements of the reading from this week could you apply to explain the communication you have seen in the clips?
  • YouTube
    Search Auto Correct Not So Correct, The Ellen Show
  • YouTube
    Search These Thumbsies Are Pretty Clumsy, The Ellen Show
  • YouTube
    Search These Clumsy Thumbsy: On Erection, The Ellen Show
  • YouTube
    Search Clumsy Thumbsy: Has Your Package Aroused?, The Ellen Show

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