communication skills

Write something a conclusion for following paragraph ,and talk about the communication skills should be mastered by everyone in the business world. Write about 200 -300 words.




Written communication has an important position in a company’s internal communication. The function it has and the purpose it serves is not replaceable by oral communications. There are a lot types of written communications used internally for business operation.

The first type will be memo. Memo is an internal written communication format used to convey information to managers and employees. Companies may be using fewer memos in today’s business environment, especially given the increase in use of business email.

Email is an electronic form of written communication. This communication format has become more popular as organizations increase the use of personal computers in their business operations. Email offers businesses a near-instant format to convey a message or transfer information to individuals inside or outside the business organization. While business communication through email was seen as less formal in its early days, many companies have developed formal email formats for business communication to maintain a standard level of professionalism.

An instant message is an even more timely sensitive approach than email. Many employees use instant message to communicate with colleagues or their employers nowadays. Some of them use designated instant message application from the company, some of them just used the mainstream application naturally. The benefit is one can be even less formal than using an email, the conversation can be more direct, resulting in quicker problem solving.


Advantage and disadvantage of written communication


§Easy to preserve: The documents of written communication are easy to preserve. Oral and non-verbal communication cannot be preserved. If it is needed, important information can be collected from the preserved documents.

§Easy presentation of complex matter: Written communication is the best way to represent any complex matter easily and attractively.

§Permanent record: The documents of written communication act as a permanent record. When it is needed, important information can be easily collected from the preserved documents.

§Prevention of wastage of time and money: Written communication prevents the waste of money and time. Without meeting with each other the communicator and communicate can exchange their views.

§Accurate presentation: Through the documents of the written communication top executive can present the information more accurately and clearly. As it is a legal document everybody takes much care does draft it.

§Use as a reference: If it is needed, written communication can be used as future reference.

§Delegation of authority: Written communication can help the authority to delegate the power and authority to the subordinate. It is quite impossible to delegate power without a written document.

§Longevity: Written document can be preserved for a long time easily. That is why; all the important issues of an organization should be back and white.

§Effective communication: Written communication helps to make communication effective. It is more dependable and effective than those of other forms of communication.

§Maintaining image: Written communication helps to maintain the images of both the person and the organization. It also protects the images of the company or organization.

§Proper information: It is a proper and complete communication system. There is no opportunity to include any unnecessary information in a written document.

§Less distortion possibility: In this communication system information is recorded permanently. So, there is less possibility of distortion and alteration of the information.

§No opportunity to misinterpret: there is any opportunity to misinterpret the information or messages of written communication.

§Controlling tool: Written communication can help to control the organizational activity. The written document may be used as a tool for controlling.

§Easy to verify: The information and messages that are preserved can be verified easily. If there arises any misunderstanding any party can easily verify the information.



§Expensive: Written communication is comparatively expensive. For this communication paper, pen, ink, typewriter, computer and a large number of employees are needed.

§Time consuming: Written communication takes time to communicate with others. It is a time consuming media. It costs the valuable time of both the writer and the reader.

§Red-Taoism: Red-Taoism is one of the most disadvantages of written communication. It means to take time for approval of a project.

§Useless for illiterate person: It messages receiver is illiterate, written communication is quite impossible. This is major disadvantage written communication.

§Difficult to maintain secrecy: It is an unexpected medium to keep business secrecy. Secrecy is not always possible to maintain through written communication. Because here needs to discuss everything in black and white.

§Lack of flexibility: Since writing documents cannot be changed easily at any time. Lack of flexibility is one of the most important limitations of written communication.

§Delay in response: It takes much time to get a response from the message receiver; prompt response is not possible in case of written communication that is possible in oral communication.

§Delay in decision making: Written communication takes much time to communicate with all the parties concerned. So the decision maker cannot take decisions quickly.

§Cost in record keeping: It is very difficult and expensive to keep all the records in written communication.

§Complex words: Sometimes the writer uses complex words in writing a message. It becomes difficult to meaning out to the reader. So the objectives of the communication may lose.

§Lack of direct relation: If there is no direct relation between the writer and the reader, writer communication cannot help to establish a direct relation between them.

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