Communication and Healthcare Practice

1.What are some of the ways that the Foxy Brown character is subverting constructions of race and gender? “Subverting constructions” means challenging the ways women are supposed to act, or black women are supposed to act according to social norms and standards.

And what are some of the ways that the stereotypes about African Americans, lesbians, women are reinforced in the film?

What are the effects of Black Power movements and women’s movements on film in this era and conversely what do you think are the effects of films like Foxy Brown on these movements?




2. Communication and Healthcare Practice

While viewing the video, , in which a family member discusses the father’s medical treatment identify instances of ineffective communication in this scene and the possible  outcomes. Discuss the factors that may have had a negative impact on the client’s care. Include in your discussion, reference to cultural dissimilarity and high-versus low-context communication.

What strategies could be used to prevent such miscommunication

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