communication 101 analysis paper, part 2

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communication 101 analysis paper, part 2
80 points possible
For Paper 2, you will watch a film assigned by your TA, then choose two concepts from the
textbook (from anywhere in chapters 2-12) to analyze within the context of that movie. You will then
examine the characters’ communication using interpersonal terms, concepts, principles, or theories
covered in the course, and you will explain the relational outcomes.
You must have your concepts
approved in advance!
You may
re-use a concept from Paper 1. In addition, you will evaluate the
interpersonal competence (appropriate, effective, and ethical aspects) of the characters’ communication
behaviors, and when applicable, offer concrete recommendations for improvement.
This paper should be
double-spaced, 4-6 pages long, 1-inch margins, in Times New Roman 12pt font
You should turn in a final draft (i.e., one you have written, revised, and proofread) and not a rough draft
—if you need help, the Writing Center (Curtin 382, 229.4339) can help you revise drafts. Spelling and
grammar errors detract from your message (and your grade), so please be careful about your writing.
Papers are due to the dropbox on the date indicated on the syllabus, and
late work will
be accepted
Watch the assigned film, and be sure to follow the format outlined below. Apologies for the
overuse of all caps, but they are meant to highlight the most common mistakes that students have made
in the past.
introduction (1-2 paragraphs)
Briefly outline/preview what you are going to do in this paper (i.e., describe the purpose of the paper,
and mention the two concepts that you will be analyzing). Use a thesis statement so that we know in
one glance what the paper will accomplish. Follow this with a brief description of what happened over
the course of the film, focusing on relevant characters and plot points for your upcoming analysis. Hold
off on analysis for now; this introductory section is mainly description.
body (approx. 8 paragraphs)
paragraph 1:
Begin with a paragraph that
clearly explains the first course concept you have selected
use for your analysis. Define it, explain the important characteristics and relevant background
information, and make sure the reader understands everything they need to know in order to continue
reading your analysis. Be sure to explain the implications for interpersonal communication (why is this
concept important to understand?). Give a general example or two of this concept (not in the context of
the film). DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE/SCENE/CHARACTER YET. Just focus on explaining the
paragraph 2:
Next, describe the scene in which you observed this concept/principle/theory. Describe
what is happening in the scene (who, what, when, where, and why). Give details of the verbal and
nonverbal communication (you can use direct quotes if they seem appropriate, or paraphrase if that is
sufficient). DO NOT ANALYZE ANYTHING YET. Just focus on giving a good description of the relevant
communication in the scene.
paragraph 3:
Okay, now it’s time to apply and analyze! Interpret what is happening in the scene using
the course concept/principle/theory. Elaborate on how this particular concept is illustrated in the scene.
In addition, explain how the communication AFFECTS THE RELATIONAL OUTCOMES between the
paragraph 4:
Finally, evaluate the interpersonal communication competence (i.e., ALL THREE
ELEMENTS of appropriateness, effectiveness, ethics) of the characters in the scene. What did they do
particularly well (and/or, what did they do poorly)? What could they do to IMPROVE their interpersonal
communication competence? Be specific.
repeat the above four steps for your second concept
. In other words, your first concept should
comprise four paragraphs—and then your second concept, another four paragraphs.
conclusion (1-2 paragraphs)
Summarize what you have done in this paper—refer back to your thesis statement and reiterate your
argument. Make some concluding statements about what you have learned about these particular course
concepts by doing this analysis.

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