Commercial project

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We are going to use Animoto  (Links to an external site.)to make a commercial! It is a really cool website that makes marketing materials for businesses, but it could also be used to put presentations together for educational or personal use. Use this link (Links to an external site.) to learn how to make your first Animoto video.   Make sure you include everything in the commercial outline attached below. 

This assignment requires a link to access the  commercial. so this is not a file submission. 

Here’s a sample of a commercial  Magic Pencil Commercial (Links to an external site.)!

Commercial outline 2

Name: Onyinyechi Collete Adams

Class: SPCH 1311

Commercial Outline:

1.  Product/Service Name- MyParking Space app

2. Setting- Urban and city environment.

3.  Target Audience- Drivers and individuals who own vehicles or who drive to urban and cities with their cars either on a daily basis or once in a while.

4. Two Product Features- An app-linked map helps the driver google for a parking space in the city or urban with real-time map. The map provides available parking spaces that can be used by the driver based on the location.

A customization setting that allows the driver to set specific instructions to guide the map in giving a more precise location and parking spaces.

5. Three Persuasive Techniques- Ethos: It gives you the privilege to program your time and attain your goals as planned. This is because it reduces your daily uncertainties and enhances easier attainment of goals.

Pathos: Imagine getting late for an interview and losing your dream job just because you could not get a parking slot on time. We understand the worth of your time thus why we are committed to saving you the hustle! Get yourself MyParking Space app and be assured of conquering the world.

Logos: Based on statistics, an average driver in a productive city or urban area spends 17 hours annually looking for a parking space. This interprets to $345 on wasted gas, time and emission. Just imagine how much you can save if that never happened. This is why you need MyParking Space app.

6. Sense of Urgency- Download the app from play store and enjoy the awesome services for free.

7. Price- $30/month or subscribe for 12 months and get 1 month free.

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