COM 200 San Diego Mesa College Week 3 Communication Apprehension Discussion

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Before completing your video presentation, you will create an outline of what you will say in the video. The outline will be a bullet-pointed overview, not a narrative. The video will be the narrative and include deeper explanations. You will copy and paste your outline in the discussion forum, along with the video.

In your video and outline, you must

  • Explain communication apprehension, using and citing your textbook.
  • Describe a time you experienced a specific type of communication apprehension identified in your textbook (dyadic, group or meeting, or public speaking) in the workplace.
  • Explain two specific strategies you can use to overcome your communication apprehension based on advice from Chapter 5 and the Speaking Up Without Freaking Out | Matt Abrahams | TEDxPaloAlto (Links to an external site.)
  • Explain what you will gain from making these improvements.
  • Post both your outline and a video, using the Canvas video posting system.

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