Columbia Southern University Marketing Manager Best Buy Presentation “

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Imagine you are taking on the role of a marketing manager in Best Buy (case study – see attachment). You are making a presentation to the executive team regarding corporate issues/challenges and your recommendations. Remember that this is an internal company presentation; thus, you do not need to cover the company/organizational details. At a minimum, your presentation should include the following items.

Problem(s)/opportunities       of the company with details: This should include multiple organizational       topics including, but not exclusively, motivating internal employees.

Potential       solutions (three to five) for the problem(s) along with multiple       strengths/weaknesses of each: This should include an explanation of how       key international aspects impact the problems and ultimately the       business.

Recommendations       including strong detailed rationale: Select at least one, but not all of       your potential alternatives. This should include an analysis of processes       that influence the control and management of the organization.

Implementation       of recommendation: This should include an explanation of how you will       implement the recommendation with professional and ethical integrity.

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