Colorado State University Global Campus Project Charter Essay

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You will only work on section 4 and 5. See attachment.

Section 4. Project Schedule

Prospective Duration

Prospective Date Range

Major Milestone of Deliverable

18 months

6 months- development

12 month- pilot

Project implemented at month 6

Pilot – feedback data collection, continuous feedback analysis to monitor for success/sustainability

Section 5. Project Resources Statement

5.1.1. Additional Implementation Team Members

RNs/MAs – provide education to patient/caregivers, available to answer questions

5.1.2. Additional Staff

Staff Member


Role in the Project

Administrative support staff


Crisis intervention staff

On-call, act if necessary, de escalation of patients as needed

5.1.3. Contractors


  • Mental Health Specialists – to curate assessment list and select tools appropriate for practice types

5.2. Financial Needs for Completion of Project

Software Module



IT staff to build survey in EHR

Patient portal




Tablet or touchscreen laptop

Professional Services



Training: In-service trainer, Training provided by vendor

Legal services


Marketing team to create educational materials and promote the new initiative (web, social media)

Project capital grand-total:

5.3. Financial Needs for Ongoing Costs (i.e. software & hardware maintenance)

Software Module

Annual Cost


5.4. Management

5.4.1. Evidence for Estimates

5.4.2. Method of Finance

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