College Seminar Term Project

Aaron Caldwell
June 23, 2017
ED100 College Seminar Term Project The career that I wish to pursue is Forensic Science investigator. This job you
work usually for a county or city. Some places you would be part of the police
department. In other places you are grouped with the coroner’s office. The work
that would normally done in the realm of this job would be Collecting, identifying,
classifying, and analyzing physical evidence related to a criminal investigation.
The job also would entail Performing specific tests on the evidence collected. The
evidence could be such things as fibers, hair, and tissues to determine significance
to investigation. Weapons may also need to be analyzed. Depending on one’s level
of expertise testifying as expert a witnesses on evidence or crime laboratory
techniques may be required. Again depending on where your interest May lie you
could become a specialist in an area of expertise, such as ballistics, fingerprinting,
handwriting, or biochemistry.
As far as education this job has a vast realm. With a two-year degree you can
get n the door. Much depends on the size of the agency you wish to work for larger
agencies would have more opening so they would be more apt to hire employs
with both a two and four-year level of college. A smaller agency would be more apt
to only hire candidates who have a four-year degree. At this time Onondaga county
is hiring. Within their agency a candidate must have a four-year degree. With this
job you are classed as working out of the county’s health department. As I said
depending on where you wish to work determines what type of education you will
need. If you wish to run the department you will need at least a Master’s degree. If
your department is engulfed into the health department as the one in Onondaga
County, to run that agency you need to actually be a medical doctor. With this job
there are many different certifications you can get to help you in your career path.
You can be certified in many different areas such as ballistics, DNA, blood spatter,
handwriting and forgery, arson investigation. The list goes on and on. Just about
any area in which you could possible work within you as an investigator could take
a course with a test and become certified in the area as an expert. This would allow
you to testify in court with greater authority in the minds of the jury.
The working conditions for this job are vast. Again it does depend on the size of
the agency you are working for the larger the agency the more choices you would
have. In a large agency you could chose only to work in the field doing work crime scenes and death scenes. Or you could work testing all the evidence. As with
working conditions you would be working in a clean building, the work areas
would have to be kept clean to avoid cross contamination. The area would be well
lit. If you don’t like bright lights and disinfectant smells this may not be a job you
would enjoy.
The ability to advance in this job really would have to depend on your education
level. If you only have a two-year degree you will not have room for advancement.
Other levels of education there would be a much better chance. The job of a
Forensic Science investigator pays well. Again it depends on the agency and your
education level. The Onondaga County job pays $47,843-$52,937. This was
dependent on experience. Information from the United States Department
of labor gives a listing for prevailing wages as the following. $33,860, to
$97,400, again these differences have to do with where the job is New York City
and Los Angeles California were the highest paid areas. Private labs paid usually
less then municipalities and the federal government paid on the upper end of the
This job is looking at a growth in the future More municipalities are obtaining
their own labs and employees. There is more work for Forensic investigators
everyday it is getting to the point were two or three municipality’s sharing is not
viable any longer.
As far as personal qualities and abilities needed for success in this career one would
have to be above all honest. If not a criminal could get away with murder or some
other heinous crime just by bribing an investigator. A forensic investigator must have
the ability to handle all types of crimes some of which are very repulsive. The reason I
think I could do the job is that I am not a person who shows a lot of emotion. This
would be a plus on this job. I also like to think of myself as honest and hardworking I
am very methodical in my work. I also want to give a voice to the victims cannot
speak for themselves. This means a great deal to me. I think this job would be a nice
fit for me. References
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