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Paris, C. (2014, Jan 30). Corporate news: Maersk sees future in flower market. Wall Street Journal. 

Rivers, M. (2015). Cold chain in focus as floriculture heats up. African Business, 49(418), 36-39. 

Read the two articles provided to gain a background on the East African flower market and its changing potential with improved cold chain technology.

Imagine you are a transportation manager for a Bountiful Gardens, a large floral producer in East Africa with customers globally including the United States. In a 2-3 page memo to your CEO, Ms. Bloom, prepare an analysis of the floral industry for growers in East Africa covering the following points.

  • Identify and describe key elements (ex. packaging) and processes (ex. mode selection) involved in managing cold chain transportation planning and execution. How do these areas interact (support or conflict) with each other?
  • Describe the role of temperature-monitoring technology as it supports the transportation and distribution of flowers from grower to consumer.
  • Finally, provide your recommendation: 
    • With the advancing technology of ocean cold chain as a shipping mode option, would you advise your East African floral company to utilize this mode over air? Explain your reasoning clearly with evidence from research or readings.
    • Explain in detail the concerns you have about your suggestion and how you would recommend the company prepare for these concerns.

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