Cognitive Dissonance

Part of this class requirement is to read supplementary articles and write reviews for 4 of them.

Your responses must be typed, 12-point font. Paste the review in this submission box as well as attach it as a word document.

Please include the following in the upper left corner of the first page:



Title of Article:

Journal Name:


Date of Publication:

Article Review Information

Briefly state IN YOUR OWN WORDS the main idea of this article.

BRIEFLY SUMMARIZE three important facts that the author(s) uses to support the main idea.

List any new terms, practices or concepts that were discussed in the article, and write a short definition.

Write one question the article left unanswered or describe a media/community relations issue, concern or practice you’d like to learn more about based on your reading of this article.

Is it safe to travel now? It depends.

Cognitive Dissonance: Examining Discrepancies Between Understanding and Action During a Crisis

How a college’s spirit–and spirituality–came forth amid the pandemic

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