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 What are the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple methods for job analysis? Why? 

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The advantages of using multiple methods for job analysis is to collect different types of information for the different job functions found in organizations.  The process of determining job requirements includes a collection of information about the specific activities conducted in a particular job and using that information to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job duties.  In competency job analysis, the job functions of a particular job are analyzed to determine if they align with the mission and goals of the organization.  In job rewards, employees are asked to provide information on reward preferences which are incentives for them to stay with the organization.  These preferences are compared to what similar industries are using to retain employees.  Most organizations having union member employees will document job rewards in a collective bargaining agreement.    

Applying multiple methods of job analysis will provide you with information on job functions, the required knowledge needed to perform a job, and employees’ perception of rewards, the disadvantage of conducting multiple job analyses is that they will not tell you whether an applicant will succeed in a particular job or be a good fit for the culture of the organization

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