Classical Era

Research paper on any composer from the Middle Ages through the end of the Classical Era (Beethoven). It must consist of 3 pages 2x space. This does not include the “end notes” or bibliography. Foot notes are not to be used for this paper.


There are four areas that you must include in the paper:


1) Composer’s life

2) Composer’s style- what did he write? Symphonies, Oratorios, Operas. You may wish to discuss aesthetic purposes of the composer’s writing style or philosophies and how they are reflected in the music he or she wrote.

3) Discuss a specific composition the composer wrote. You should choose one from your book.

4) Your response of this composer’s contribution to the history of music and/or the composition you previously discussed under item #3.


Attached is a list of composer’s feel free to choose any most familiar with, thanks.

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