citigroup s ceemea sales amp trading unit

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Citigroup’s CEEMEA Sales & Trading Unit: Rapid Business Improvement Through Effective Use of Information, People and IT. Using the knowledge you gained through these discussions, along with any additional research and analysis you have done, create a report to the executives of Citigroup outlining what CEEMEA did, and concluding with your analysis as to if this approach is applicable to other business units.

Your report should touch on all the areas discussed in the week 04 through 08 final case assignments. Your final analysis should be in essay form and address the following questions:

If Citigroup’s CEEMEA successfully used information systems in its past, has it continued to innovate and improve up until today?

Is Citigroup’s CEEMEA effectively postured for the future?

Can the infocentric approach taken by CEEMEA be applied to other units of Citigroup? Explain

Use the following outline as a guide to the structure of your final document.

Executive Summary


The Infocentric Approach at CEEMEA


Information Technology

Enterprise Applications

Market and Financial Performance

Final Analysis


The future

Application to other units


Your final paper should be 5-10 pages in length

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