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watch two films, choose from the following: “The Bridges of Madison County”“The French Lieutenant’s Woman” “ The Devil Wears Prada”“ August: Osage County” “ Doubt”, all of them are starring Meryl Streep.Compare and contrast the two film from the aspect of the film form and style. make comparison and explain why and talk about the structure of the film. film form include: the significance of film form and narrative form film style include: the shot: Mise-en-scene, the shot: Cinematography, the relation of shot to shot: editing, sound in the cinema and style as a formal system. you don’t need to write all of these 8 point in the paper, you can choose some like mise-en-scene and narrative form etc. if you don’t know that much on film form and film style please read the text book ‘Film Art’ by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, read part 2 everything is in the book. Also, you can write a little bit on the performance of Meryl Streep in both film, but this is only a small part, the most important is film form and it is the exactly same type of paper that you wrote last time, Here are some revision tips from last time, in case if you need to see them,Compare and contrast the two film from the aspect of the film form and style. make comparison and explain why , you didn’t explain why after comparison, for example add something like, if you say the angle of shooting is different , explain why it’s different, if the angle is similar, explain why it’s the same. and basically put it in this order, give similarities of what in two films( for example: shoot angle, explain why), give comparison of what in two films, explain why, it doesn’t matter if it has no similarities, because comparison is more important, i just gave an example:)

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