choosing organizational patterns for speeches,

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Getting Organized


Read Chapters 12-14of a Pocket Guide to Public Speaking (Getting Organized).

Purpose: To allow students to practice choosing organizational patterns for speeches.

Instructions: Write the name of the organizational pattern best suited to a speech on each of the following topics. In addition to listing the organizational pattern, give three main points that might be used to develop the topic. Remember to choose the main points that match the organizational pattern selected. Complete all six topics listed below;

1. How to change a tire

2. The federal budget

3. Violence on children’s television

4. Teenage pregnancy

5. Multicultural education

6. How to pack for a camping trip


*** Examples:

Example 1

I want to discuss STDs. I would use a topical pattern;

I. What is Chlamydia ?

II. What is Gonorrhea ?

III. What is Syphilis ?

Example 2

I want to talk about buying and caring for a guitar. I would use the chronological pattern (steps);

I. Decide what kind of guitar you need.

II. Inspect the guitar for potential flaws.

III. Maintain the guitar.

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