choice of two essay questions

You have a choice of two essay questions – please choose ONE.

Length: Minimum 3-4 pages. You may quote from the book if you wish (if so, give page numbers), but the majority of the essay should consist of your own words. If you use outside sources, you must include citations. Due October 19, 2017. Please turn your essay in on time – there is a late penalty of 5 points per day!

Please choose ONE of the following essay questions:

1) Biblical Allusions in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What allusions to the biblical story of the betrayal and trial of Jesus do you find in this book? Who are the innocently accused criminals in this book? Which characters are betrayed, by whom, and why? What function do the biblical allusions serve? Do the characters fully represent biblical characters, or merely resemble them in some aspects but not in others? (Background materials from the New Testament are posted on Canvas.)

2) Divination in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. What role does divination play in this book? Which divination techniques are depicted, and why? What is the relationship between divination, prophecy, and free will in this book?


3-4 pages (longer is fine!), typed, double spaced, standard fonts, 10-12 point, 1 inch margins, black ink, STAPLED!

Remember spell check!

Your paper will be evaluated according to these criteria:

Perfect paper: 100 points

Content (70 points)

-An introductory thesis stating what the main argument of your paper is (10 points)

-The body of your essay should include thoughtful and in-depth answers to the questions outlined above (40 points)

-You should not include any information, no matter how correct, that is not relevant to the paper topic (10 points)

Your conclusion should be clearly defined and based on the arguments you have previously presented. It should not be identical to your thesis (10 points)

Structure (20 points)

-There should be a logical transition between your paragraphs (10 points)

-The paper as a whole should have a good flow and logical structure (10 points).

Technicalities: (10 points)

-Spelling (4 points)

-Grammar (4 points)

-Font, formatting, and, of course: a staple (2 points).

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