Chinese photograhy and American Photography

talk about different between Chinese photograhy and American Photography


4-6 pages + Works Cited / Bibliography, 1.5 spaced,  11 pt. font

Use at least 2 outside written sources – one ‘primary’ one ‘secondary.’ The course text may be cited in the paper, but DOES NOT COUNT as one of these two.

Use at least 2 images as support for your claims. Provide image-analysis and place these images either within the text or in an appendix

Include a Works Cited or Bibliography page in MLA or other appropriate format

Turn in a Paper Proposal of 3-5 sentences (one paragraph) in a word doc. Titled lastname_proposal.doc (due on Isidore 3/30)

Turn in Final Paper titled lastname_finalpaper.doc (due on Isidore 4/27)

1. Paper was submitted on time and includes all required content: 25pts.

2. Paper demonstrates solid research into both primary and secondary sources: 25pts.

3. Paper has a clear thesis / claim that is well supported: 50pts.

4. Writing is clear and relatively free of grammatical errors / writing is well organized: 50pts.

5. Paper demonstrates strong critical and/or creative thinking as well as solid effort towards it production: 50pts.

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