Chinese classical music

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Assignment Content

  1. Based on the videos shown in Videos for Assignment 1, discuss the following questions and write your p assignment:

    1. The video shows Chinese classical music and dance, which are different from styles of American classical and contemporary music and dance. What are the differences?
    2. According to Marxist Historical Materialism, cultural differences between countries or ethnic groups are generated or determined by different levels of socioeconomic development in these countries. Explain what cause the differences between Chinese classical culture (as shown in these videos) and American classical and contemporary culture using Marxist Historical Materialism.
    3. According to sociobiology, natural environment and human biological characteristics affect the formation of culture. What are environmental differences between China and America and what are biological differences between the Chinese and Americans? How would these differences affect formations of Chinese culture and American culture? 
    4. Think about other theories that could be used in explaining differences between Chinese culture and American culture.
    5. Requirements for assignment:
    • Type your assignment, and double-spaced. 
    • Font size: 12. 
    • Write the p by answering the questions one by one in paragraphs. Write as much as possible. The minimum page requirement is three. 

You need to watch the videos first, and then complete Assignment 1.

Video below is Chinese Classical Dance (1/3)

Beautiful Chinese Classical Dance【5】《采薇舞》A-1080p

Video below is Chinese Classical Dance (2/3)

中国古典舞《扇舞丹青》 表演:王亚彬

Video below is Chinese Classical Music (3/3)

春江花月夜 HD


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