CHANGEflRG PE’I’IHDN: This is your final project for the course. For this assignment you willchoocseanissue thatwehavecovered {orrelated tosomething thatwehavecovered}that
you would liketosee change- Research your topic. Check out this Cahrillo library research guide:
ht_tp:iicabrillo.libggdes.comisoc2 i@’ to an external site: Then read other petitions at
thEfiwmuchangeorgg thinks to an external site: to get a sense of the structure of online
petitions. You Burst first post your topic to the Change org Topic Discussion Boam’ to have it approved.
Your final project will not he accepted if you do not first have your topic approved. The final project is a changeorg style petition and is due BEFORE 11:59 PM on Monday May
15.1% late projects accepted. Please read these instructions very closely and post any questions
to the QSLA fonun. For your final project you will draft a Changeorg style petition that explains an issue you think
should change {related to something we have covered in class}, why you careiwhy others should care about this issue and what change you are proposing. Follow changeorg instructions a start—a—fl’tion. You must copy and paste the text of your petition to
Canvas for credit. You do not have to write it using the changeorg website, though you are
welcome to if you think you would like to circulate your petition after the class ends. I have had
many students successfully use changeorg to share their petition with family and fiiends and
draw attention to their issue. Either way, you must post the entire text of your petition to Canvas. No late petitions accepted.
In the event of major technical difficplties copy and paste your petition in an email to me before
the deadline. Your petition must include at least 2 direct references to the course text with
author’s last name and page numbers. As with all quotes, discuss the quote before AND after you
use it.You will be gradedonhow wellyou connect yourimue tothe concepts we have read
about in the Leoanuerrero textbook Simply writing a quotation is not enough. Your petition
must also include at lemt 1 relevant out of class source. Your petition must clearly state the
specific change you are asking for and from whom. A reader should not have questions about
what exactly your proposed change is. Your petition should be well polished (no
grammarispelling errors}, organizei and at least 40E} words.

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