CCC Community Policing On the Internet Case Study

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The end of chapter case studies provide the opportunity to synthesize the concepts learned in this module.


At the end of each chapter are two case studies (six per module). After reading all required textbook chapters assigned for Module 4, select one (1) of the following case studies to review and elaborate, and answer its discussion questions.

Write a 3-5-page APA formatted paper that reviews the selected case study and answers its discussion questions.

In addition to the APA formatted separate title page (page numbered “1”), provide an Introduction (page numbered “2”) consisting of 2-3 paragraphs describing the background of the case study.

The review and answers should follow the standard 3-5 page essay format.

The body of the paper should consist of the answering of all questions posed at the end of the selected case study.

A Conclusion should be included as should citations and a properly formatted Reference(s) page.

In addition to the textbook, at least one other scholarly paper should be used.

At least one in-text citation is required for all referenced sources (textbook and additional other scholarly paper).

APA format must be strictly followed.  

Chapter Ten Case Studies 

Equifax: A Massive Data Breach at a Consumer Reporting Agency (p. 318)

Community Policing on the Internet: Spamhaus Targets Worldwide Spammers (p. 319)

Chapter Eleven Case Studies 

Baby Steps toward Scrum: How Made the Cultural Transition to Agile Software Development (p. 349)

Extreme Programming at the US Strategic Command (p. 350)

Chapter Twelve Case Studies 

Predicting the Future: Gartner’s Research Informs Strategic Planning (p. 379)

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two Software Implementations (p. 381)

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