proof reading of an assignment

this essay talk about the most advance methods of stop haemorrhage of soldiers at conflicts, and it just about 2500 words. I need a proof-reading service.

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business class discussion 3 question

Chapter 10

  1. Performance of IPOs How do IPOs perform over the long run?
  2. Chapter11:
    1. Dividend Discount Model

    Describe the dividend discount valuation model. What are some limitations of the dividend discount model?

  3. Chapter 12Question 1 Explain the difference between a market order and a limit order.
  4. at east 2 page and half. you have to write on your own no coy on any website.

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wikileaks case study 5

WikiLeaks Case Study

Read the following WikiLeaks case study (linked below and also available through ProQuest in the library).

Ryst, S. (2011). WikiLeaks fuels data breach fears. Business Insurance, 45(1), 1-20.

The disclosures at WikiLeaks have raised significant concerns about the damage caused by leaks. Some claim that in many ways, the Wiki Leaks founder, Julian Assange, was terrorizing nation states and corporations.

What corporate and/or national policy initiative do you think should be put in place in Saudi Arabia to curb such forms of cyberterrorism?


  • Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.
  • Be sure to provide citations from your readings and additional research to support your statements.
  • Your paper must follow University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, as appropriate.
  • Follow the Rubric for grading scheme.

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write a 1000 word essay


It is not unusual for organizations to have several people in leadership roles who participate in collaborative decision making for the benefit of the entire organization. Leading teams of diverse individuals is a significant challenge and negotiating individual strengths, weaknesses, and personalities can be difficult. Nonetheless, as managers it is your responsibility to effectively lead teams through establishing expectations designed to motivate individuals, fostering critical decision-making skills, and improving communication and collaboration among teammates. For the assignments, as part of the management team at a successful, regional airline, West Coast Transit, you have been directed to form a team for a high-stakes, high-pressure project. Together, the management team will come to a consensus and a recommendation will be delivered to the director.

In assigned teams, individuals should share their recommendations for a team of six people from the given teammate profiles. Begin by reading “West Coast Transit Company Profile” and “West Coast Transit Team Member Profiles.” (ATTACHED) Based on your understanding of the company, the project, and the people involved propose your team selection. Your proposal should be accompanied by a 1,000 words explanation that addresses the following:

1.Why did you team select the six team members? Why did you decide against the others?

2.Considering the diverse factors that may influence the behavior of the selected team members, what specific strategies will the management team use to motivate this particular team of individuals? Why do you think they will work? What motivational strategies does the management team think would be ineffective for this team? Why?

3.What particular challenges or conflicts can the management team anticipate this team facing? What strategies might you apply to manage this team’s potential conflicts? (You will learn more about conflict management in Topic 5. It is acceptable to make relevant speculations based on what you know about the team members and conflict management at this point. You will have the opportunity to solidify your conflict management strategies in your Topic 5.)

4.Finally, summarize management team’s vision for the success of this team. Based on what you have identified as the selected team’s particular strengths and weaknesses, which specific leadership strategies might you apply to ensure that the vision is ultimately successful?

**The team that I would choose for this project is: William, Elizabeth, Katelyn, Doug, Natalie, and Bob.

***This assignment uses a Grading Scale checklist (attached). Please review the Grading Scale checklist prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

****See Attached Documents to assist with this assignment.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style. An abstract and references are not required.

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compare and contrast 43

Length: This assignment should be at least 500 words.

Sources: You need a bare minimum of one credible source for this assignment.

Outline your thesis

other requirements attached, check carefully

No Plagiarism

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response 7

One page response and as you in this event,

can you add your personal ideal or opinions in the response? Base on the reading

actually, this is a person’ s speech and the article is just brief introduction

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A host of factors affect your health status at the individual or community level. Whether you are healthy or not is primarily determined by your biology, genetic predispositions, and behavior. To a large extent, your social and physical conditions along with existing medical care and health policy have considerable impact on your health and ultimately disease risk or occurrence. The social and physical conditions are the social determinants—the places you are born, grow up, live, learn, play, and work and your age— that affect a wide range of health and health outcomes including quality of life.

Understanding and addressing multiple aspects of social determinants are essential for the development of epidemiological theories. These theories encourage epidemiologists to think critically and systematically about integral connections between social determinants and disease occurrence. From these theories epidemiologists also gain insight, responsibility, and accountability to translate the vision of a healthier society to a reality.

For this Discussion, review the week’s Learning Resources and consider different theories of social determinant of health and their impact on epidemiology. Then select a peer-reviewed article from the Walden Library that focuses on a specific theory of social determinants of health.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post an explanation of the theory the article used and how the theory was applied to the field of epidemiology. Explain how you might integrate the theory into your dissertation research and the importance of framing your research within a theory or model. Provide a rationale using scholarly resources.


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discussion post minimum of 400 words please include references in apa format

There are many different theories regarding the reasons that people become addicted to drugs and engage in substance abuse. Different theories may emphasize the biological, social, or psychological aspects of substance abuse. You are asked to compare two different theories of drug dependence. Some examples of these theories are the disease model, physical dependence model, and positive reinforcement model. You may also research other theories that address the question of why certain people become addicted to licit or illicit drugs. Choose two of the theories of addiction and write a report that covers the following information:

  • A brief explanation of each theory
  • An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each theory
  • An identification of specific drug-addiction treatment approaches that are compatible with each theory

Use the Internet and Library databases in your research. Be sure to cite all references.

If you use sources to support your discussion, please cite your sources.

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information systems infrastructure 5

Read the Case Study and answer the “Discussion Points” in a clear but concise way. Be sure to reference all sources cited and use APA formatting throughout.

I prefer your assignment in .docx format – but if you do not have MS Word, convert the file to PDF and upload.

Refer to the Case Study Rubrics for more detailed criteria.


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two pages essay 2

in this essay you need to answer about five short questions including definitions and give example.

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