Cash Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Dividends Payable Common Stock 1-Jan 350,000 30-May 10,538 10-Apr 4,250 31-Dec 700 1-Jan 350,000 8-Feb

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Please check my journal entries from the transactions listed below. Thank you.

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STOCKHOLDERS’ EQUITYTEMPORARY ACCOUNTSCommon StockRetained EarningsService RevenueAdvertising Expense1-Jan350,00030-May10,53831-Dec77025-Jul10,75931-Dec350,00031-Jul9,00031-Dec7702-Aug9,820Insurance Expense15-Sep6,29531-Dec8,96029-Sep1,52013-Oct10,20031-Dec896031-Dec58,132Rent ExpenseCash Discounts31-Dec7,8846-Aug18031-De7,88431-Dec180Supplies ExpenseCosts of Goods Sold31-Dec1,70031-Jul4,56013-Oct10,20031-Dec1,700Depreciation Expense31-Dec14,760Bad Debt Expense31-Dec1,02931-Dec1,029Salaries ExpenseInterest Expense15-Dec4,50031-Dec2,250Loss on Sale of Equipment1-Nov1,50031-Dec1500Dividends31-Dec70031-Dec700

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