Case study

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On Homelessness

Discussion #4 – A Case Study in Homelessness 


To prepare for this discussion, review the following article:


A Downward Spiral: A Case Study in HomelessnessLinks to an external site.


Drawing from your text and module materials, answer the following questions in your initial post.

1. What events in John’s life created a “downward spiral” into homelessness?

2. Which events are related to psychological factors and social needs? Which could healthcare have addressed (explain)?

3. What were some of the barriers John faced in accessing health and behavioral healthcare?

4. How do you think Maggie made John feel like he was a “real person”? What can we learn as future social workers about the care John received (in the ER in comparison to Health Care for the Homeless)? How do our professional values and Code of Ethics connect to this?

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