Case proposal

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insight on case proposal 

Case proposal

· Minimum 4 oages


Introduction and overview of the NPO (no more than 1 page) (10 points)

Draft logic/impact model Week 4 handout on D2L) (15 points)

Discuss any challenges you have identified for completing the project (10 points)

Such as missing information needed for analysis or assessments, and how you propose addressing these challenges

If no challenges, please explain this briefly

Discuss your preliminary findings based on your review of the organization so far, including what the NPO currently does well and areas for improvement (15 points)

Inputs → Activities → Outputs →




Categories and Criteria for
Performance Measures

• Inputs represent labor and capital, which might include money, people,
equipment, and buildings, all dedicated to the delivery of a good or service.

• Outputs are what a “program actually does” or the “direct products and services
delivered” by an organization or program.

• Outcomes are the results produced by public sector outputs, and represent the
change in conditions resulting from the activities.

• In the early 1990s, focus began to shift to outcomes with the goal of a
government that “works better and costs less.”

Basic Program Logic Model

Essentials of Public Service: An Introduction to Contemporary Public Administration. Mary E. Guy and Todd L. Ely. (2022). Irvine, CA:
Melvin & Leigh, Publ. ISBN: 978-1-73604022-5

  • Categories and Criteria for Performance Measures

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